The Born To Die: Paradise Edition bonus track gets a smokey video.

‘Bel Air’ is quintessential Lana Del Rey, with the swaying, orchestral instrumentation of a Disney soundtrack underneath Del Rey’s breathy crooning. Thankfully (depending on your perspective), the lovelorn lyrics don’t fall into self-parody like some of her other new material. The video for the song is a simple, color gel and smoke machine production — no ‘National Anthem’ high concept, unfortunately.

However, the video’s info does mention a film called Tropico, “coming next year.” The controversial singer has mentioned a transition to screenwriting; more on that as we have it. The extended Paradise Edition of her debut album is due out November 12, and she will tour the UK next year.

Update: For those who think Lana Del Rey hasn’t been remixed quite enough, here is Photek’s deep-disco take on the Rick Rubin-produced ‘Ride’.



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