JJ DOOM's 'Rhymin Slang' gets a mesmerising new video from Weirdcore

You’ll recall that JJ DOOM’s jaunty ‘Guv’nor’ came with a pretty darned impressive video.

Brilliant AV tinkerer Weirdcore has turned out a new short for Keys To The Kuffs cut ‘Rhymin Slang’; as per its predecessor, the video is part of the ongoing Rizlab project.

The ‘JJ Tron’ remix is essentially a remix of the prismic ‘Guv’nor’ clip, recycling and rearranging footage from that video into dazzling new shapes. To all intents and purposes, the clip is just DOOM wandering around a warehouse. Some very impressive post-production treatment, however, alchemists the footage into something absolutely ravishing. Trippy in the extreme. [via Pigeons And Planes]



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