Heady four-piece Get People have called in Jimmy Edgar to add some pizzazz to their new single.

Get People specialise in dreamy alt.pop weaned on the likes of Simple Minds and Washed Out. They’ve got some interesting quirks too, including a dedicated member covering animation and visuals. The band drop the ‘Back To Dust’ single on November 19 on Luv Luv Luv, and they’ve called on Berlin-via-Detroit pacesetter Jimmy Edgar.

If Get People’s original was an introspective number, Edgar’s edit is pure extrovert material. In his manicured hands, ‘Back To Dust’ becomes a slinky piece of champagne-drenched house. It’s a comprehensive overhaul, and, considered alongside his Darling Farah and Portishead remixes, serves as a reminder that Edgar’s always a rewarding remix go-to.

The remix, along with the video for the original, is available to stream below.



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