The cosmic kid from the Chi-town lifts off once again. 

Footworker Young Smoke reps the burgeoning Flight Muzik crew, and his sound – sparse, lucent, insistent without being abrasive- stands apart from his contemporaries. This year’s Space Zone LP for Planet Mu chopped with the best of them, but the stippled melodies and retro-futurism were closer in spirit to the BBC Radiophonic Workshop than DJ Rashad’s dancefloor nitro.

Since then, Smoke’s clubbed up with Flight Muzik affiliate DJ Metro for the iFlight v. 1 EP, finding a productive midpoint between Metro’s sample-based methodology and his own ultra-synthetic approach. His Pluto Lounge EP, meanwhile, was prim, delicate and full of negative space.

As Tiny Mix Tapes report, Young Smoke has now dropped yet another EP. The Galaxy 1.0 is another winning collection of brittle, starry-eyed footwork – if occasionally a tad polite, it’s not short on charm. The Galaxy 1.0 is available to stream in full below, and can be picked up from Young Smoke’s Bandcamp page. FACT sat down with Young Smoke to talk humble beginnings and “hype tracks”; head here to read.



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