Sally Shapiro remixed by Com Truise


Sally Shapiro‘s new single, ‘What Can I Do’, has been given a robust makeover by Com Truise.

The single, released November 19, is the first to be taken from Sally’s new album, another collaboration with producer Johan Agebjörn entitled Somewhere Else and due out in early 2013. The album features contributions from Electric Youth (of Drive fame), Anoraak and Le Prix, and apparently incorporates influences from indie-pop, funk, IDM, trance, jazz and ambient.

“We don’t think of ourselves as an italo disco duo anymore, but probably we are just home blind, and people will call this an italo disco album anyway,” Sally said recently. “The title [of the album] describes the recurrent theme in the music and my life, to somehow never be satisfied with what you have, or where you are – to always wish you were somewhere else.”
Com Truise’s electro-rooted version of ‘What Can I Do’ retains the original’s breathy vocals, simultaneously toughening up the drums for dancefloor deployment while also abstracting them somewhat, making them more broken and disjointed. It’s a neat trick, check it out above.




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