Download Machinedrum's seductive 'Whatnot'

The track is Machinedrum’s contribution to Innovative Leisure’s forthcoming compilation.

Californian beat scene standard-bearers Innovative Leisure will release Ouroboros on November 27, featuring tracks from North American talent such as Lazer Sword’s Low Limit (who curated the album), Clicks & Whistles, and Obey City.

Machinedrum’s contribution, ‘Whatnot’, is a hypnotic, footwork-inflected meditation reminiscent of his work on Room(s), where vocal fragments mingle with punchy breakbeats and a submerged low end. The latter half of the song introduces some looping guitar melody, furthering its hypnotic effect. Stream/download the song below, via Pitchfork (and UK-ers, Machinedrum is playing here this Friday).



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