Premiere: Stream the first release from Soul Clap Records, Night Plane's Heartbeat EP

The Boston party-starting duo inaugurate their label with a genre-bending effort from the Texas-born, Brooklyn-based producer.

Night Plane is William Rauscher, and the Heartbeat EP is a guitar-wielding tour of the indie-house landscape. “All of these songs come from the fact that I grew up listening to rock and indie music in one ear and techno in the other,” he says via a statement. “Listening to Soul Clap’s music has inspired me to find new ways of digging into the sounds that were in my spirit and sharing them with others.”

The title-track is reminiscent of Billy Squier’s oft-sampled ‘The Big Beat’ and features the “big roaring-lion” voice of Casey Gibbs and a riff from Rauscher. “I don’t know how to play guitar at all, so the fact that it sounds cool is a minor miracle.”

Heather D’Angelo provides sultry vocals on both ‘Gold Soundz’ (a “Murky vibed” cover of the Pavement song) and the Pink Floyd-referencing ‘Gates of Dawn’. “‘Gates of Dawn’ is my version of an aubade, which is a form of a love song sung by medieval troubadours. An aubade is sung in the morning, when two lovers must part after having spent the night together,” he explains.

“This aubade is about reckoning with the event of falling love, and having to turn and face the morning and either embrace this new love or just put your shoes back on and go home. The sound was partly inspired by Burning Man, which I have never been to, but I wanted to make something that would sound good at Burning Man at sunrise, at least in my imagination.”

Stream the Heartbeat EP below, which is out digitally today on Soul Clap Records; it includes a remix of ‘Gates of Dawn’ by Soul Clap compatriots Wolf + Lamb. The EP is also available as 7″ and 12″ editions, with vinyl-only cut ‘Foreign Affairs’.

A1. Night Plane – Heartbeat ft. Casey Gibbs (12″ Mix)
A2. Night Plane – Foreign Affairs
B1. Night Plane & Harry Bennett – Gold Soundz ft. Heather D’Angelo (Pavement cover)
B2. Night Plane – Gates Of Dawn ft. Heather D’Angelo (Wolf+Lamb Remix)
D1. Night Plane – Gates of Dawn ft. Heather D’Angelo (Original)
D2. Night Plane – Gates Of Dawn ft. Heather D’Angelo (Burning Man Mix)



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