Call it a triumph, call it a folly – but Nicolas Jaar’s great attempt to dismantle the reign of the CD is back in the spotlight.

Back in March, Jaar’s Clown & Sunset label unveiled The Prism – a petite aluminium cube with two headphone jacks and four neutral buttons on the front face.The cube allegedly – and, considering our prototype swiftly broke on the day of arrival, we can’t say for sure – featured 10 “mostly unreleased” tracks from the label. When we spoke to him at MUTEK festival, it was clear that Jaar took The Prism very seriously indeed (“This fucking cube is the riskiest thing I’ve ever done.”); other waggish folks were a little less deferential.

For those that missed it first time around, The Prism has now been given a digital release. As The Fader report, Clown And Sunset have issued the 10 track collection over at their (very pretty) website. The collection includes material from Acid Pauli, Pavla + Noura and Just Friends, Jaar’s side-project with Sasha Spielberg. Vtgnike, Nikita Quasim, Wolcott + Abramyan, Valentin Stip and more Jaar collabs round out the set.

Just Friends’ ‘Avalanche’ is available to stream below.



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