The crew behind ongoing club series The Hydra have turned one of their many heads towards the Night Slugs gang.

On December 15, XOYO will play host to a selection of A-team acts from one of the most exuberant labels on the UK dance landscape. Label head honchos Bok Bok and L-Vis 1990 will be appearing back to back. If their recent mixtapes are anything to go by, expect an assortment of bass-heavy, futurist dance and R&B, with sly nods towards the vintage (on occasion) the cheesy.

Jam City, fresh from promoting his magnificent Classical Curves LP will be presenting his wonderfully scatty electronic mishmashes, which somehow manage to be smart-as-hell and dancefloor orientated at the same time. Girl Unit, Night Slugs’ resident hit maker, will also be fusing house, techno and dubstep, and keeping things hooky in the process. Fantastic disco reanimator Soundstream is the very special guest.

The night runs from 9.00pm until 3.00am. Tickets and further information is available here.



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