Following on from the filthy ‘Soda’ video, Le1f and Boody have unveiled a doomy new cut from their just-dropped joint EP.

The Liquid EP sees the pair synthesise a host of influences – ballroom, UK funky, juke – into a weird, aphotic sound designed for darkling dancefloors. ‘Buoy’ has already been available in snippet form as part of a filleted stream of the Liquid EP, but the unedited stream reveals an expansive cut, full of twists and turns.

Beginning with a minute of gloomy industrial drift, ‘Buoy’ suddenly swerves into warped Timbaland territory. Chains rattle, metal doors clank, and owls (!) keen and wail. Le1f, meanwhile, sounds spookier than ever, muttering incoherently over an instrumental that stops and starts at will. [via Dummy]

Liquid is out now, and features remixes from MikeQ & Divoli S’vere and Cedaa. FACT recently nattered with Le1f at the stunning Elevate festival.



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