Slanted beatmaker Dro Carey announces <em>Shrapnel Maestro</em> LP as Tuff Sherm

For an artist that’s only been in the business for the best part of three years, Australian beat whizz Eugene Hector has already racked up a fair few aliases.

There’s the odd, heavily textured beat music he’s put out as Dro Carey – his principal nom de plume – for the likes of Trilogy Tapes, Hum + Buzz and RAMP. There’s his kooky work as Pierre Magneto Menard, and his blitzed footwork alter ego Fad TMB. Then there’s his output as Tuff Sherm – an outlet for tough, scrambled house/techno, previously patronised by Opal Tapes and Reckno.

Following on from the Pharmacy EP for Trilogy Tapes earlier this year, Hector is picking up the Tuff Sherm mask once again for a new full-length. As Resident Advisor note, Shrapnel Maestro will drop via the Dro Carey Bandcamp page, and will feature eleven new tracks cobbled together from “a few rusty Rhodes sounds here and there and some acoustic percussion samples”. Intriguingly, the record promises to have a conspicuous “jazzy” streak.

Lead track ‘Shapnel Cabinet’ – a serrated techno miniature, cut from a similar cloth to Terrence Dixon’s recent excellent From The Far Future Pt. 2 LP –  is available to stream here. Full marks for industriousness: Hector’s also just dropped a free EP as Dro Carey, titled Westernzone.

1. Shrapnel Cabinel
2. Marrow
3. Unlit Ruin
4. Ion City
5. Bunched Ghosts
6. Monarch Engineer
7. Bulldog
8. Boiled
9. Neurobeast
10. Hawkins File
11. Wreckage Diary



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