Deadmau5 on EDM: "minimal effort for maximal profit"

Joel Zimmerman is either stunningly unaware or (more likely) entirely self-aware.

Trading in the mousehead for an “I (heart) haters” ballcap, the electro-kingpin sat down with Billboard editorial director Bill Werde at this month’s FutureSound conference in San Francisco.

The interview is intriguing, and as always, quoteworthy — if only because Zimmerman succinctly details the problems with the EDM craze of which he is a major part. Calling EDM “minimal effort for maximal profit,” the self-described button pusher goes on to say the acronym stands for “Event Driven Marketing.”

He also compares the current dance trend to disco’s rise and fall, broadsides electronic music (“not too many people are forward-thinking about electronic music”), and downplays his Forbes-sourced income (which he has said before), saying “Nobody is making that kind of money.” Watch both parts of the interview below.



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