Clone’s Drexciya primer Journey Of The Deep Sea Dweller: surely one of finest reissues of the last twelve months. 

James Stinson and Gerald Donald are already the most mythologized outfit in techno history, and their mix of technicolor electro and sci-fi narrative play remains totally unique. Clone’s collection offered a route through their discography that illuminated without killing the mystique. Both records were sensitively compiled and properly remastered, with some great packaging to boot.

Part III is now imminent. Like the first two editions, it collects work from the pair’s mid 1990s period. As reported, it also features two previously unreleased tracks, ‘Flying Fish’ and ‘Unknown Journey IV’.

Resident Advisor are currently streaming the third instalment in the series – head here to listen.

Journey of the Deep Sea Dweller III is due on December 3.

1 Smokey’s Illegitimate Report
2 The Countdown Has Begun
3 Aquabahn
4 Intensified Magnetron
5 Sea Snake
6 Flying Fish
7 The Mutant Gillmen
8 Unknown Journey IV
9 Nautilus
10 Vampire Island
11 Aqua Worm Hole
12 The Bubble Chamber
13 You Don’t Know
14 Red Hills Of Lardossa



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