Glasgow crew LuckyMe announce new bi-weekly radio show for Rinse FM

All hail the fine ladies and gentlemen of LuckyMe. 

The Glasgow collective/imprint have gone from strength to strength in 2012, knocking out some notable releases (TNGHT’s seismic debut; S-Type’s irrepressible Billboard EP) and creeping into our Top 10 labels of 2012 list. Their non-musical endeavours  – film commissions, artwork jobs, reliably excellent club nights – have also been sturdy as. LuckyMe are now toasting their success by undertaking a proper rite of passage – a regular showcase slot on Rinse FM.

LuckyMe’s bi-weekly radio show will kick off on December 6, and will air at 1.00am-3.00am GMT. The show will be helmed by LuckyMe regular Eclair Fifi and crew co-founder Martyn ‘FineArt’ Flyn (of The Blessings). As per comparable shows from Hyperdub and Hessle Audio, exclusives and guest mixes aplenty are promised. Keep an eye trained on Rinse FM for more info in the coming weeks.



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