Trouble & Bass assembles compilation of collaborations, including Starkey, Star Eyes, DJ Sliink

The Brooklyn heavy bass champions bring together international talent for a “versus” concept album.

2012 found Trouble & Bass celebrating their six-year anniversary, releasing 20 records, and reinventing themselves for a new era. They will cap the year with Clash of the Damned Vol. I: a dozen collaborative tracks spanning continents and low-end fixated genres, all with T&B’s patented Halloween-in-the-club aesthetic.

The tracklist is a roll call of Trouble & Bass contemporaries new and old, including T&B’s-own Star Eyes, street bass fanatic Starkey, UK vet Zed Bias, rising Jersey club DJ Sliink, Deathface, MRK1, Mikix the Cat, and Zombies for Money, among others.

Stream Clash of the Damned Vol. I below, and download the grimy ‘Dice’ by Nottingham collaborators Ursa Major and The Elementz. The album is due out December 4.

Clash of the Damned Vol. I:
1. Starkey vs. Mikix The Cat – Crawl
2. Star Eyes vs. UFO! – Never Not
3. Deathface vs. Lil Internet – Six Feet Deep
4. DJ Sliink vs. Bert On Beats – RRR U
5. MRK1 vs. Zed Bias – Gangsta Ride
6. Zombies For Money vs. Slap in the Bass
7. Sharkslayer vs. Blaze Tripp – Unity Riddim
8. MRK1 vs. Zed Bias – Make a Move
9. Star Eyes vs. UFO! – We Go In
10. Willy Joy vs. Rob Threezy – Don’t Even Care
11. Zombies For Money vs. Slap in the Bass – Roads
12. Ursa Major vs. The Elementz – Dice



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