Hear oOoOO's excellent remix of Danny Brown's 'Grown Up'

Danny Brown’s charming ‘Grown Up’ has gone drag, thanks to an intervention from oOoOO.

Brown’s ‘Grown Up’ freebie single was notable for two things: its cheery ‘Can I Kick It?’-cribbing instrumental, and a cute video with an adorable Mini-Me Brown. Kohl-eyed producer oOoOO has had a crack at the track, trading the exuberance of the original for something much gruffer.

‘Grown Up’ is still an unusually spirited piece. Recent EP Our Love Is Hurting Us might have seen the Tri Angle producer embracing his poppier instincts, but the Brown remix is right up there with his most immediate music: we’re talking jackhammer kick-drums, B-boy scratching and synth textures that Crystal Castles wouldn’t turn their bloody noses up at. [via Prefix]



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