October brought the miserable news that soul/folk fusionist Terry Callier had passed away aged 67.

Callier first recorded in the 1960s and 1970s, but it wasn’t until his works were picked up by the acid jazz scene in the 1990s that his legend status was firmly cemented. He stepped into the limelight once again in the noughties, recruited by Massive Attack to appear on 2006 single ‘Live With Me’, featured on the band’s mega-selling Collected best-of.

By way of tribute, Massive Attack’s Robert ‘3D’ Del Naja has stitched together elements from their 2005 recording sessions with Callier. The recordings were laid down by Del Naja with de facto band member Neil Davidge at Windmill Hill. Familiar elements of ‘Live With Me’ drift into view over the course of the mix, but the bulk of the material varies substantially from the Collected version of the track. As well as showcasing Callier’s beautiful, buoyant voice, the mix also features lovely snippets of in-studio banter and idle chit-chat.

3D has talked through the rationale behind the mix: “Me and Euan [Dickinson] reloaded the Terry Callier tapes from 2005. It felt right to honour the short time we had with him in Bristol. We created a ‘mix tape’ of the pieces I worked on with Neil and Terry. I also took the liberty of stripping them back to a more personal space and cut in alternative vocals and chuckles, in an attempt to share a little of the spirit of the great man.”

You can read Mr. Beatnick’s tribute to Callier for FACT here. Massive Attack’s Daddy G, meanwhile, recently dropped his first mix in eight years.



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