R&S’ last major announcement was the return of demure electronica outfit Vondelpark. New signing MPIA3 is a totally different kettle of fish entirely. 

MPIA3 is the muscly alias of Perc Trax producer Truss. The project’s already thrown up a pair of suckerpunch releases for Shifted’s Avian label; as embodied on the excellent ‘Ely’, MPIA3 specialises in scabrous knuckleduster techno. Truss has got a softer side – check that recent Clouds remix – but you won’t spot it on an MPIA3 release.

R&S have welcomed MPIA3 into the fold for a new six-track EP, and FACT have the first play of the disc’s walloping lead track. ‘Crusty Juice’ is, in more ways than one, a spartan affair – resolutely minimal, and also hard as Glaswegian nails. A spindly acid line creeps in to the mix, but ‘Crusty Juice’ is all about those relentless, overdriven kick drums. What with British Murder Boys being back on the scene, it’s looking like a good time for those who prefer their techno lead-plated.

The untitled EP is due on December 3.

A. Crusty Juice
B1. Mountain of Ash
B2. Roly Poly Babs
C. Acid Badger
D1. Your Orders
D2. Ridge Way



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