Dan Deacon mixes Oneohtrix Point Never, Animal Collective, and whatever strikes his fancy on new DJ mix album

The Baltimore avant gardist unveils Wish Book Volume 1.

Dan Deacon has shared his “first ever dj style release” — and as expected — it plays like the anti-pop version of a Girl Talk record. From the Soundcloud liner notes, here’s who Deacon included:

Hope you enjoy. Wish Book Volume 1 was made with music made by (in order of appearance): grimes+psy+beach house+skrillex+diplo+nicky da b+dirty projectors+lil wayne+nicki minaj+oneohtrix point never+tune yards+animal collective+rod stewart+the strokes+wiz khalifa+beyoncé+lcd sound system+death grips+ludacris+rihanna+the beatles+roy orbison+silver apples+katy perry+69 boyz+gary glitter+james brown+lmafo+black dice+the ronettes+r. kelly+black eyed peas+lenny kravitz+the misfits+2 chains+daftpunk+led zeppelin+the notorious b.i.g.+devo+lightning bolt+unknown artist recorded in jaipur, india+marvin gaye+radiohead+rage against the machine+salt n peppa+brian eno+madonna

Stream/download Wish Book Volume 1 below; the tracklist (as if that matters) is below.

Wish Book Volume 1:
01 Gangrimes Style

02 Someone Area (Rod)
3 Oscillating Diamonds
04 Beez Eagles
05 Virgin Uncle Salt



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