Freddie Gibbs details upcoming projects, including that collaborative album with Madlib

Gangsta Gibbs clears up some Wikipedia-based rumors.

In a video interview with Pitchfork, Gibbs explains the status of a few outstanding projects. The next installment in his collaboration with producer Madlib will be titled Cocaine Pinata, and not MadGibbs, as rumored.

Gibbs’ Eastside Slim mixtape is the next project due out, although he doesn’t know “how or when” at this point. His solo album is tentatively titled Necktie Party, but that might change, and the Murda Cap Gangsta mixtape with his Gary, Indiana crew Str8 Slammin Click is in the works. He attributed the existence of something called ‘Heroin Headband’ to being “drunk in Russia” and joked that it would be the debut of his alias Buck Naked.

Watch the full interview below, which includes the revelation that Gibbs was handed an AK-47 when he landed in Russia. We’re guessing that doesn’t happen with cultural ambassadors.



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