Vintage producer/label boss/DJ/all-round figurehead Andrew Weatherall is rolling with a new double act. 

Weatherall has teamed up with Bird Scarer alumnus (and former Battant member) Timothy J. Fairplay to form The Asphodells. The group have already shared a few of their labours to date: two tracks cropped up on Weatherall’s sprawling Masterpiece mix for Ministry Of Sound, and Daniel Avery repped the pair on his FabricLive.66 mix.

Debut LP Ruled By Passion Destroyed By Lust arrives on Weatherall’s Rotters Golf Club imprint, previously home to Radioactive Man and Weatherall’s Two Lone Swordsmen project. Unlike Weatherall’s rock-orientated efforts (see his work with A Pox On The Pioneers), the LP purports to offer “purer electronics” and “repetitive beats”. Two of the tracks take inspiration from one-time poet laureate John Betjeman, and recently profiled shoegze outfit A.R. Kane are referenced on ‘A Love From Outer Space (Version 2)’.  The results – dreamy nu-disco, with post-punk flourishes and the occasional cryptic vocal – are really quite lovely.

Ruled By Passion Destroyed By Lust is due on February 4.

1. Beglammered
2. Never There
3. Skwatch
4. Another Lonely City
5. Late Flowering Lust
6. Late Flowering Dub
7. We Are The Axis
8. One Minute’s Silence
9. Quiet Dignity Of Unwitnessed Lives
10. Love From Outer Space (Version 2)



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