L.I.E.S. finished high in our list of the best labels of 2012 – and quite right too.

The NY imprint has proved a creative and charming force for good, knocking out oddball dance records from Professor Genius and Jahiliyya Fields, plus some dynamite singles (Bookworms’ ‘Love Triangles’ and the ‘Straight Jacket’ disc among them).

Brooklyn producer (and, by day, synth repairman) Terekke is a case in point. Following on from 2011’s Damn EP, Terekke’s smuggled out track after track of discombobulated techno on his Soundcloud page. He impressed with the recent ‘Let Go 2’, and new cut ‘Asidis’ is more manna from above.

‘Asidis’, hosted over at Dummy, is another lovely bit of moth-eaten acid techno. The overdriven snares are crushed to shit, and Terekke’s burping synth lead sounds like it might fall apart at any moment. Wonderfully amphibian stuff from the House Of Morelli.

‘Asidis’ appears on the the label’s forthcoming American Noise collection, which dropped earlier this month.



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