M83 shares the final episode of the trilogy that started with the videos for ‘Midnight City’ and ‘Reunion’.

The video for ‘Wait’ is the “end point of the visual collaboration between M83 and Fleur & Manu that has been ongoing throughout 2012.” The video is a stunning portrayal of nuclear winter, from the celestial to the mundane, and includes a pretty clear reference to 2001: A Space Odyssey‘s “beyond the infinite” sequence.

‘Wait’, like the videos before it, appeared on M83’s breakthrough Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming, of which a deluxe version was released last month.

In FACT’s interview with Anthony Gonzalez, the Frenchman said he recorded the album in the Mojave Desert. “When you play music out there at night, you can see the stars, you’re by yourself and you’re scared of the coyotes. I really felt a connection with my music out there, for the first time in ages.” Interestingly, some of those coyotes show up in the video.



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