No Limit/Cash Money icon Mystikal gets funky on 'Hit Me'

Mystikal channels the spirit of James Brown on his latest track.

Imagine James Brown, but born about 40 years later, a product of the Dirty South rap scene, and a (former) No Limit Soldier, and you just might get Mystikal’s ‘Hit Me’. The rapper behind ‘Shake Ya Ass’ and ‘Danger (Been So Long)’ spent most of the last decade serving time for a variety of charges, but he’s ready to re-enter the game.

‘Hit Me’ is built over a rollicking soul-funk instrumental that recalls Soul Brother No. 1 long before Mystikal entreaties the listener to “Say it loud / I’m black and I’m loud.” Other than his “white-voiced” adlib, the highlight is his stream of consciousness near-rhyme “Madonna designers iguanas Rihanna vaginas piranha”.

Stream the song below. Last year, Mystikal signed to Cash Money, and his first album since 2001’s Tarantula is due out next year.



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