Brenmar gets (sort of) romantic on forceful new cut 'BF/GF'

Brenmar – nonpareil club DJ, and one of the reigning kings of the edit – has dropped a corking new track 

Despite the title, ‘BF/GF’ sounds less like a jam for the lovers than a domestic tiff. Over a stomping house beat, automated voices ping gooey-eyed sentiments back and forth. Some elastic bass work and exotic percussion programming add character but, for the most part, this is a muscular show of force.

The track comes bundled with an interesting online supplement. Designers Pinar & Viola have produced a one-off art project called ‘4eva’, which manufactures a virtual lover for lovelorn souls to correspond with via the internet. Head here to meet the non-love of your life. [via Dazed]

Brenmar’s recent remix of Justin Timberlake & Beyoncé’s ‘End Of Time’ snuck into our rundown of our favourite recent pop refixes. His 2012 FACT mix also remains well worth your time.



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