FACT TV has premiered the video for ‘Database133⅓’, from Ostgut Ton duo Barker & Baumecker’s recent album Transsektoral [above].

Directed by David Richards, who fans of Manchester house producer xxxy will know from this video, it represents possibly the ever coming together of Ostgut Ton and US TV show Breaking Bad. In Richards’ words:

“Listening through Transsektoral, I was drawn to the way that the tracks developed and evolved. The sounds are made by machines, but it feels as if you can hear the music growing, and changing, in quite an organic way. It didn’t take much thinking to hit upon the idea of crystals growing, as they are structures created by nature, but they are also geometric. I felt they would have a similar aesthetic to Barker & Baumecker’s music, and ‘Database133⅓’ particularly.

“I made about 5 batches of crystals, cooking them up in my kitchen. I’d been watching a lot of Breaking Bad, and there was a definite touch of the Walt and Jesse about watching the solution cool, as the crystals began to form. The crystals are actually very small, as you can see by the size of the mosquito that becomes trapped towards the end of the video. I grew the crystals in empty pesto jars, and lit them with a normal table lamp. I really like the fact that these normal, everyday, items can be used to create tiny forms and miniature landscapes that look otherworldly.”



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