"Fuck Big Pun!": Jessie Ware vents about sample clearance issue

In all fairness, the late rapper’s estate is responsible for the issue.

Jessie Ware’s Julio Bashmore-produced ‘110%’ memorably includes a sample from Big Pun’s ‘The Dream Shatterer’ (“carvin’ my initials on your forehead”). However, due to difficulty clearing that sample, ‘110%’ has been retitled to ‘If You’re Never Gonna Move’ in the U.S., with the lyrics altered to “Coming on a mission like a warhead.”

“We had to be imaginative and change the words,” she told Billboard. “It’s annoying but it always happens.” Her forthcoming EP has also been renamed due to the issue, and is due out January 15.

Billboard reports that Ware “impishly whispered” “Fuck Big Pun!” at her debut U.S. gig at New York’s The Box. The song formerly known as ‘110%’ just barely squeezed in under the wire of our top tracks of the year; the video is below.



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