Laurel Halo has followed up her bold, uncompromising Quarantine, with a standalone single for Hyperdub. 

‘Sunlight On The Faded’ dropped a few days ago with a dub version on the flip. The track is cut from the same queerly woven cloth as Quarantine, alloying a futureshocked instrumental to a vocal line deliberately placed a little too close for comfort.

The A side has previously been available to stream, and the dub edit is now doing the rounds too, courtesy of The Fader. ‘Sunlight On The Faded (Dub)’ strips out the melody line and explores hidden pockets in the original track without deviating too far from the source. Paid up fans of the original will appreciate the new reading; detractors might find this instrumental edit more palatable sans vox.

Halo recently stopped by the Boiler Room; click below to watch video of her set. Halo is also working on a one-off collaborative show with another artist who bossed 2012, Julia Holter.



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