Steve Mason, leader of defunct Scottish combo The Beta Band, has announced a new solo record.  

Since the Betas’ dissolution in 2004, Mason has kept busy knocking out album releases as King Biscuit Time and Black Affair. The last few years have seen him starting to release music under his own name: 2010’s Boys Outside (released on Domino subsidiary Double Six) was produced in conjunction with Richard X, and was followed by Ghosts Outside, a dub version of the same LP devised with reggae veteran Dennis Bovell.

Monkey Minds In The Devil’s Time will also arrive on Double Six, and will collect 20 new songs. 11 of the tracks were self-recorded in Mason’s studio in Fife, with the remainder being laid down in London with producer Dan Carey. It’s an avowedly political record, dealing explicitly with the injustices and malfeasances perpetrated by the good and great. Interestingly, veteran UK MC Mysto makes an appearance on ‘More Money, More Fire’. The title? A “Buddhist term for an easily distracted brain”.

Monkey Minds In The Devil’s Time will drop on March 11. Funky new track ‘Fight Them Back’ is below.

1. The Old Problem
2. Lie Awake
3. Flyover ‘98
4. A Lot Of Love
5. The Last Of Heroes
6. Lonely
7. Safe Population
8. Friends For Ever More
9. Seen It All Before
10. From Hate We Hope
11. Oh My Lord
12. Goodbye Youth
13. Never Be Alone
14. Behind The Curtains
15. More Money, More Fire
16. Fire!
17. Operation Mason
18. Fight Them Back
19. Towers of Power
20. Come To Me



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