Kendrick Lamar guests on a song by Dido (really)

Surprisingly, Compton’s greatest hope features on a song by the English singer-songwriter.

Dido’s ‘Thank You’ was famously sampled by Eminem’s ‘Stan’ back in 2000. Now, fellow Aftermath rapper Kendrick Lamar is returning the favor by appearing on Dido’s latest single, ‘Let Us Move On’.

Produced by Dido, her brother Rollo Armstrong, and mastermind Jeff Bhasker (who has produced for hits for Kanye West and Lana Del Rey, among others), the song has the type of melodramatic, hip-hop-inflected composition favored by Ms. Del Rey. For his part, Lamar shines even in supporting duty, taking 30 seconds to tell a vivid story and mixing up his versatile flow into a forceful growl. Stream the song over at NPR.



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