Brenmar remixes Rihanna's Future-featuring 'Loveeeeeee Song'

One of our favorite producers tackles one of the year’s finest duets.

As he did on his diamond in the rough edit of the Justin Timberlake and Beyoncé slow jam ‘End of Time’, the reigning king of the R&B remix flips Rihanna and Future’s surprisingly subtle ‘Loveeeeeee Song’. Brenmar’s club edit relies on a simple claps-and-808 formula, but if it ain’t broke…

According to Twitter, the song will appear on Brenmar’s upcoming DJ mix; he also promises an “actual artist mixtape” for early 2013. Brenmar recently shared the forceful ‘BF/GF’ as part of an interesting art project.

Update: The track is now available to download.



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