California rap imps Odd Future have been accused of attacking a teenage fan live on stage.

The alleged assault took place during the crew’s show at San Antonio, Texas on December 8. 17 year old Chassan Rasagi claims to have jumped on stage only to be viciously attacked by the group. According to Rasagi’s version of events, he was initially pushed offstage by Hodgy Beats only to be forced back on stage by the crowd and subjected to a sustained attack. Speaking to TMZ, Rasagi claims to have sustained cuts to the head, burns and scratches, and also alleges to have suffered two seizures as a result of the attack.

Odd Future tell the story rather differently. Pitchfork have received correspondence from Odd Future’s people claiming that Rasagi threw the first punch. They’ve also received a series of screenshots allegedly taken from Rasagi’s Twitter page, which appear to put his credibility into question. The messages, included below, show the self-styled ‘DJ Bam Bam” retweeting a message that suggests he initiated the scuffle and bragging about setting up a new clothing line after the incident.

Video of the event – which appears to corroborate the OF view of things – is available to watch below.



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