Hacker Farm


Hacker Farm will release their sophomore album, UHF, through Exotic Pylon Records on January 14, 2013.

It’s the follow-up to the Somerset collective’s 2011 debut, Poundland, and feature 10 gloriously disorienting new tracks. “There’s a word for this stuff,” Warren Ellis is quoted as saying in an accompanying press release. “Paramusicology, maybe. Psychotronic audio. It’s like two nutters on a farm in the wilds — which isn’t so far from the truth — got an old radio to tune into the flight deck of a UFO while it committed low-level strafing runs on the minds of the Western world. It is pulsing and alien and lovely, and I haven’t heard anything like it all year.”



Comprising members Kek-w, Farmer Glitch and Bren, Hacker Farm describe their own work as “a celebration of the home-made, the salvaged and the hand-soldered. DIY electronics performed on obsolete tech and discarded, post-consumerist debris. Make-do and mend. Broken music for a Broken Britain.”

You can listen to two tracks from UHF over at The Wire; check the video for ‘The Death Of The Real’, directed by Matthew Groom, above.


1. 5.29
2. Deterritorial Army
3. Brulington
4. Konrad
5. The Death of the Real
6. One, Six, Nein
7. Engine Room
8. Grinch
9. Hinkley Point
10. Drive Time.



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