FACT Advent Calender 2012: download a lurching outtake from Vessel's debut album, <i>Order of Noise</I>

Under today’s window of FACT’s 2012 Advent Calendar is one of the year’s stand-out new artists, Vessel

Part of Bristol’s Young Echo collective, Vessel first came to our attention with the Nylon Sunset EP on left_blank, a record that we’d call spectacular were it not so out of focus: smeared on the surface and dead behind the eyes. It was memorable, and not just because of a typically excellent remix from Peverelist.

This year, Vessel released another EP on left_blank before graduating to Tri Angle, who released his debut album Order of NoiseDescribed by FACT’s Angus Finlayson as “enslaved to the movement of a single alien body, each element functioning in fascinating, illogical unison”, it marked both one of the year’s most talked-about debut records and Tri Angle’s most successful step yet into the world of dance music. We’re psyched to be giving out an outtake from that record, the lurching ‘Raven Banner’:



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