Cassette label Opal Tapes have had a robust first year of operations, turning out a succession of frazzled house releases and characterful electronic experiments.

That list includes the debut release from bucolic producer 1991 (who also dropped a fine collection of beserker techno as MCMXCI), a knockabout tape from Dro Carey under his Tuff Sherm alias, and under-the-radar curiosities from Huerco S and Best Available Technology. As Juno Plus report, the label will toast their successes with a new pay-what-you-like compilation, featuring a host of Opal Tapes frontrunners and associates.

Anthony Naples, who caused a stir with his fine ‘Mad Disrespect’ single for the fledgling Mister Saturday Night label, contributes a scrambled techno pounder, and Vlek alumni WANDA GROUP offer up some typically convoluted glitch. Tuff Sherm teams up with PMM, and label boss Basic House contributes a sluggish house cut in the Luxury Problems mould. Portugeuse producer IVVVO, Lumigraph and Boya are among the featured artists.

Head to the Opal Tapes Bandcamp to grab the collection.

1.Anthony Naples – The Beacon (Instrumental Dub)
2. Basic House – Ice Pop (Little Helper Edit)
3. Best Available Technology – Sony HiFi 120 Side B City Jitters – Elevation Clip
5. Ñenado – Slightly Closed Eyes
6. Lumigraph – Lunar Luu
7. Cloudface – Acid Fades
8. Huerco S. – 4 DILLA (MAKE EM NV)
9. Boya – Furrow
10. Visitation White – Fucking Magic
11. Tuff Sherm & PMM – Raymond Sees The Dog
12. IVVVO – Rave 2 Die
13. Feloneezy – ////////////



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