Sound Sculptures Vol.1


Theo Parrish’s classic 2007 triple-vinyl set, Sound Sculptures Volume One, is to be re-pressed.

The expansive collection contains nine tracks (expanded to 27 for the 2xCD and digital editions), including dusty anthems like ‘Flotation Device’ and ‘Soul Control’, and remains the best one-stop showcase of the Detroit producer’s unique and dizzying craft, and the fluid, jazzy feel of the music is beautifully complimented by the impeccably retro cover art.

Mint copies of the original 3×12″ pressing go for upwards of £70 today, and it has never before been re-pressed. If you missed out on Sound Sculptures Volume One the first time around, don’t make the same mistake again. The new edition is expected to drop any day now, courtesy of Theo’s own Sound Signature label.

A1. Second Chances
A2. Flotation Device
B1. They Say
B2. Second Chances (Instrumentality Mix)
C1. Twisted Friskie Biscuits
C2. The Rink
D1. Galactic Ancestors
E1. Soul Control
F1. Synthetic Flemm



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