Analogue nut Andreas Tilliander will release a new album, TM404, on January 30, 3013.

It’s the debut full-length for Tilliander’s latest project, also called TM404, for which he uses a multiple set-up of the classic Roland TB-303, TB-606 and MC-202 machines to create, in the label’s words, “a mesmerising acidic techno-drone” – studio-recorded, but live and in real-time. The project was unveiled last month via an EP, The Morphosis Korg Response.

“When [Roland] made these machines in the eighties,” says Tilliander, “they avoided the 404, since the sound for four, ‘chi’, is the same as the sound for death in Japanese. At that time it was therefore taboo and the 404 was never launched. Not until now, due to my album!”

You can listen to clips of the TM404 (which is going to be released on CD and vinyl) and watch videos of Tilliander showing off his analogue chops here.








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