A new scheme from the family of experimental rocker Frank Zappa gives fresh meaning to the idea of “buying” a record. 

Zappa’s estate are currently working on The Roxy Performances, a currently unfinished concert film featuring material included on the musician’s 1974 Roxy And Elsewhere LP. In order to raise funds for the project, the estate have announced the innovate Roxy By Proxy project, whereby fans will be able to buy the licensing rights to a boxfresh Zappa LP.

In exchange for a $1000 fee, Zappa enthusiasts will be able to license a copy of Roxy By Proxy, a previously unreleased live disc. The record will include 76 minutes worth of material recorded at two shows  at L.A.’s The Roxy in 1973.

Fans who donate will receive a master duplication copy of the recording, which they are subsequently entitled to copy and sell in whatever quantity – and at whatever price – they please. Zappa Records will receive a $1.20 mechanical royalty for each CD sold. Those who contribute will also receive sleeve notes and packaging artwork, which they will also be entitled to copy and disseminate at will. [via Rolling Stone]

Zappa’s works recently underwent a colossal reissue programme.



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