London club Fabric announces new label Houndstooth: full details and forthcoming releases inside

Houndstooth is a new record label from the team behind London clubbing institution fabric. 

We reported that Rob Booth (the figure behind the Electronic Explorations podcast and label) had joined fabric’s team in an A&R capacity earlier this year, but now his role at the club has been made public. A promo video for Houndstooth emerged on the internet at the start of December, and now, speaking to Booth and fabric, FACT can bring you more details of the label’s plans.

Houndstooth will be run by the same team as fabric’s self-titled label, plus Booth on A&R. It will focus on “artist-led projects – albums, EPs, singles”, and aims to provide a similar platform for artists to the one that the fabric mix CD series does for DJs. The label’s first release will come from Berlin’s Call Super, and is titled The Present Tense EP. For details of more releases, read FACT’s short interview with Booth:


“Houndstooth is completely an artist-led endeavour so the focus of what we’re doing will be squarely on them and their output.”


Tell us about the label – how does it differ from the main Fabric label? Who’s at the helm?

“Houndstooth will be run by the same team who have been behind the fabric label for the last few years, with me joining them on A&R duties. The distinction between the two imprints is this: the fabric label will continue to be a physical representation of what the club does through the fabric & FABRICLIVE mix series but Houndstooth will be a home for artist led projects – albums, EPs, singles. Whilst Houndstooth will also release electronic music and reflect the musical ethos of fabric, it’s got a lot more of a license to operate beyond the realms of the dancefloor.”

Why did you feel the need to start a new label now?

“Well, simply we felt like we’re in a position where we can offer a great platform for artists, just like we have done for DJs over the years with the fabric label. There’s a real wealth of musical knowledge and enthusiasm that surrounds the people and the day to day running of the club and the fabric label and now, having joined the team myself back in September, it feels like we’re all motivated to take things in a new direction.”



Where will its focus lie? Singles, albums, compilations? Vinyl, digital?

“Houndstooth is completely an artist-led endeavour so the focus of what we’re doing will be squarely on them and their output. That said, we’ve committed to an array of projects of differing lengths already and we’re definitely working on releasing high quality physical products. That sort of stuff is very important to us as people, so we’re keen to produce the type of products we’d buy ourselves.”

What’s the significance of the name?

“I’m sure you can work it out.

“The teaser video we put out last week shows the fabric logo morphing and sharpening into points to become the H in Houndstooth. We’re keen to let people know that even though Houndstooth is tied to fabric, it’s a new venture with a very different focus.”

Who’s the first release from? And who can we expect to see appearing on Houndstooth?

“Our first release is a four track EP called The Present Tense from Berlin resident and super talent Call Super. We’ll be talking it all up a bit more in the New Year but yeah, other than that I’m allowed to tell you that other projects are confirmed with Δkkord, House of Black Lanterns (the new project from King Cannibal), Al Tourettes and _Unsubscribe_.”



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