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Myspace is relaunching in 2013, and FACT readers can enjoy exclusive access to the Beta version.

One of Web 2.0’s most iconic brands, Myspace became synonymous with the democratization of music in the 2000s and helped redefine the meaning of DIY for the 21st century – Arctic Monkeys and Lily Allen being just two of the global stars who made their names via the pioneering social networking tool. Myspace evolved organically over time into an ecosystem in which established artists, emerging creatives, and everyday people came to connect, collaborate, share, and discover.

The new version of Myspace takes the best of the best of the old Myspace and enhances it, focusing on “music, connection, and discovery”. It’s totally different than what you felt with the old site and completely unique from what you get anywhere else today. Myspace is not about passive connectivity, it’s about active participation – artists (both emerging and established) will use it to make contact with their fans and those who they themselves admire, and to facilitate collaborations; everyone else will use it a gateway to the things that they’re passionate about.

Myspace is rooted in music, but it goes far beyond music as well – it’s a platform for photographers, artists, designers, filmmakers, writers, cultural influencers and more. It’s goal has always been the same, fundamentally: to offer a space where people can present and define themselves. Where people can manage their profile, find their audience, collaborate with like minds, and – most importantly – grow. A home for the creatives that is both personal and communal.

It’s an experiential social network, designed to help you present yourselves in the best possible light, providing the right social tools for you, as well as the means to connect with fans, collaborators, brands and content.

In short, a platform that will enable and promote creative endeavours of all kinds; one that serves as a true home for the creative community. To gain access to the Beta site and be one of the first to experience the new-look Myspace, simply send an email to



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