Premiere: Electronic duo Magic Fades sample a 90s R&B favorite on 'Obsession'

The duo borrow a melody from Monica and Brandy’s 1998 duet ‘The Boy Is Mine’.

Magic Fades is a relatively new production team based in Portland, OR. Their compositions tend towards the gauzy, electronic side of contempoary R&B; they cite everyone from The-Dream to The-Drum as influences.

On January 8, Magic Fades will release the Obsession LP via Mishka; you can stream the title track below. “Obsession is the result of about 9 months of writing and recording. There is no running concept or theme, we just feel these are the best songs we’ve written,” they say via email.

While ‘Obsession’ utilizes samples from ‘The Boy Is Mine’, most notably that iconic harp arpeggio, Magic Fades warns against over-thinking it: “Anyone can see what they want to see in the lyrics/beats/samples. We read a lot of interviews with people talking about ‘re-contextualizing beats/samples/lyrics/vibes’, we are not thinking about it in that way. We just get together and make what we like.”



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