Scratcha DVA [all sic]

Getting my sleep back – Ye so back in Feb i did my last show on the Grimey Breakfast on Rinse FM. It was emotional but whats been more emosh is the fact i can now wake up at 12 noon. But 4da 1st month or so i was wakin up and 4a split second id panic finking i had overslept.

Thats top. the rest r in no particular order

the return of wookie – Ok so 2012 saw the comeback of a few old UKG faces mainly 4remixes. But imo only 1guy has came bk and aint bored us by giving us da same fing they used 2do 10yrs ago. Wookie came bk after a long break and is stil innovating.

playing at sonar 2012 on the saturday night – I did alot of kool shows in summer 2012 but Sonar was da best. Id like 2say my fav part was playin 2a sea of heads on the hyperdub stage but actully my fav part was the mornin aftr a heavy night at Nitsa on the beach w/ 9,Marcus, Laurel Halo, Zaki Ibrahim, im sure Lando Kal was around and a few other ppl tryin 2work out what was wrong with  \this dude. And when ur lean its da funniest fing EVA!

The hyperdub party we put on when bloc didn’t happen – Right… 1000s of unhappy ppl looking 2rave after BLOC cancel. Who u gonna call? SUPER 9! So 9 has and idea 2put on a party 4BLOCWKND ticket holders @ Ryhthm Factory w/ Oscillate Wildly. Brillian idea! I rememebr being on the way 2an erlier booking and driving past the ryhthm factory que. No joke it was halfway 2 Stepney Green station. Allow it! I cdnt even get in 4about half hr myself. But anyway out2da lucky ppl who did get in.. It was sikK! Raining sweat and erryting. I played b2b w/ 9, The Weeknd hosted 4Fly-Lo and it was jus propa emosh. Prolly my fav party of 2012.

homeland season 1/2 – So many series’ 2get stuck in2 rytcha now.. 4get Game Of Thrones and all dat crap. When sum1 describes a series 2u as ‘Its Like Harry Potter but with more blood and Tits’ u have 2go lookin 4sumfing else.. and luckily Homeland is seriously a dope 1! If ur in2 ur conspiracies and im not talkin about HipHop artists stupid sellin ur soul 2 satan stories. I mean real life war and terror as it is 2day, then this is u.. Im so on watchin dis program i stay up ona sunday nyt til 3am and watch the latest episode which airs on ShowtimeUSA bcoz i cant w8 a week w/o knowing whats goin on.. The 2nd season ended last nyt but stil ended on a major cliff hanger. Prolly da best series EVA! I wont spoil it 4u go an get the DVD.

Frank Ocean’s album – Channel Orange stil gets the odd play on my iTunes playlists. Esp when u got female company u kno.. Dere were alot of mixed views on this album wether it be the production, the overall sound, or hes sexuality. But 4me it was 1 of the best fings 2happen 2 R&B 4 a hot minit.. Zero electro house, zero Guetta, zero Pitbull and amazing lyrics and use of metaphors.

Vincent Flannigen – Have u eva gone fabric, left fabric, then walked2 West London? Have u eva stayed round a friends then climbed in2 her friends dads bed (while he was in it).. complaining that ur cold? Na i havent either but Vincent Flannigen has.. Vincent is my alter-ego who shows up mostly at night when iv had minimal sleep, 2much tequilla and whateva else is going. Vincent is looking fwd to 2013 and he might even start making music.

Dean, Inga, KMS & 9 in Japan – I got 2do alot of travelling in 2012 and another highlist was goin 2 Tokyo and Osaka w/ King Midas Sound, 9 and Hype Wil.. I had no idea what2 expect frm Dean & Inga. I fort they myt b on sum wierd recluse ting but they wer bare funny and we all had a mad larf. Mostly at Kevin coz hes so serious about hes soundchecks and eating rabbit food. The highlist of JP 4me was gettin 2watch Hype Wil record 1of dere wierd crzy youtube videos they do late at night lean in a hotel room.. And chuss me watchin how they do it is 10x wierder.

Footwork – Rashad, Spinn, Traxman,  Machine Drum, Addison Groove etc. – 2012 saw Footwork and some of the ppl pioneering it smash some EU crowds. Footwork/Juke wteva 4me has been the latest style of music if been excited abt 4a while.. I used 2love drum&bass b4 t got boring and this gives me da same energy that used2 but w/o the boring bit. Ive l8ly been closing alot of my sets w/ some 170 bpm switchin between footwrk and cuple jungle classics. Im loving all the bits frm Addison Groove, Murderbot, Machine Drum, Slick Shooter, J-Cush and the TekLife crew, Traxman. But 4me Rashads style hits da nail on da head and makes it jus how i like it.

Wiley – 2012 Work rate. Don. Lej. Inspiration 2all.

My track walk it out appearing misfits – Ye i maanged 2get a E4 sync for ‘Walk It Out’ on Misfits. Misfits aint relly my fing. Not enuff conspiracy involved. Not enuff Abu Nazir. But i did watch the episode when my tune came on an saw bare uni skins type ppl skanking.. Obvs it was TV so no1 is dancing in ryhthm but it was defo a gd fing 2happen 4me in 2012 and my bank statements.


10 Albums, Songs and Compilations I have remembered enjoying this year:

Factory Floor – ‘Two Different Ways’ (DFA)
Halloween 3 Soundtrack Reissue (Death Waltz)
Kowton – ‘Des Bisous’ (Pale Fire)
Greeen Linez – Things That Fade (Diskotopia)
Fairhorns – ‘Doki Doki Run’ (Invada)
Julio Bashmore – ‘First Odyssey’ (Broadwalk)
V/A – Trevor Jackson – Metal Dance (Strut)
Vessel – Order of Noise (Tri Angle)
Clams Casino – Instrumentals 2 (Free Download)
Bad Autopsy – ‘Medicine’ (Well Rounded)

Soul Clap

Night Plane – ‘Heartbeat’
No Regular Play – ‘Never Had Enough’
Tanner Ross ft. Jules Born – ‘Frequent Flyer’
Wolf + Lamb vs. Voices Of Black – ‘Fo Porter’
Navid Izadi – ‘Lost In The Fold’
Deniz Kurtel & Gadi Mizrahi – ‘You Know It’s True’
Justin Martin ft. PillowTalk – ‘The Gurner’
Nick Monaco – ‘Don’t Hate, Create!’
Bwana – ‘Baby Let Me Finish’ (Black Orange Juice Remix)
Soul Clap – ‘Islands In Space’ (Slow Hands & Tanner Ross Remix)

No Regular Play – Endangered Species
Frank Ocean – Channel ORANGE
Deniz Kurtel & The Marcy All-Stars – The Way We Live
Solange – True
Wolf + Lamb Versus LP
Georgia Anne Muldrow – Seeds
Deep88 – Removing Dust
Soul Clap – EFUNK: The Album
Mario & Vidis – Changed
Panoram – Accents

The Village Orchestra

1) Mark Fell – Sentielle Objectif Actualite (Mego)
2) Stephan Mathieu/Sylvain Chaveau – Palimpsest (Schwebung)
3) Silent Servant – Negative Fascination (Hospital Productions)
4) Phork – Discrepancies (NNA Tapes)
5) Vainio/Drumm/Dorner/Capece – Venexia (PAN)
6) Cut Hands – Black Mamba (Susan Lawly)
7) Roly Porter and Cynthia Miller – Fall Back (Live at Aldeburgh) (Subtext)
8) Shackleton – Music For The Quiet Hour / The Drawbar Organ (Woe To The Septic Heart)
9) Shifted – Crossed Paths (Mote Evolver)
10) Emptyset – Medium (Subtext)



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