El Guincho returns with 25 minutes of new music

The Barcelona-based purveyor of “space age exotica” returns with his first new music since 2010.

Pablo Díaz-Reixa appeared in 2008 with Alegranza, combining psychedelia, dub, synth-pop and Brazilian tropicalia. In 2010, he followed his debut with a collection of rearrangements of South American standards and the darker hued Pop Negro, but aside from remixing Björk, he’s been mostly quiet.

2013 sees the first new music from El Guincho since then: a 25-minute mix entitled ‘Trances’. While imbued with the same dusty samples as his earlier work, ‘Trances’ has a propulsive house energy to it. Stream the mix at trance.es (see what he did there?) and watch the pulsing artwork of Robbie Whitehead that accompanies the music.

El Guincho’s 2010 FACT mix is a unique one, and the video for Pop Negro standout ‘Bombay’ is a favorite.



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