Thirteen years on from his stellar turn in Baller Blockin’, it looks like Lil’ Wayne may be making a return to the big screen – and it’s a pretty unlikely bit of casting, all told.

Miss Info reports that Lil Wayne will voice a main character in Pixar’s latest animated opus. The film in question is called The Last Dinosaur, will be directed by Up directors Bob Peterson and Peter Sohn, and explores a world where dinosaurs and humans have shared the planets for tens of thousands of years.

Evidence for the claim comes courtesy of Examiner, which lists Lil’ Wayne as a principal cast member in the production (as does FilmDates, incidentally). Provided this isn’t all just some bunkum dreamt up by a hungover Pixar staffer, the rapper will share the recording booth with the likes of Joan Rivers, Jason Alexander and John Ratzenberger. No further details on possible roles, we’re afraid, but we think Weezy’s got Parasaurolophus written all over him.

According to imdb, Wayne is also rumoured to make a vocal appearance on The Smurfs 2, suggesting that voiceover work has replaced skateboarding as Wayne’s principal calling. New track ‘Good Kush And Alcohol’ is below.



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