Saddled with early Jan SAD? Prescription: Bristol production team Outboxx.

Jake Martin (aka Hodge, who dropped the Dusted EP on Deadplate late last year) and Matt Lambert ‘s production unit stirred into life in 2011 with the ‘Aporia’ 12″. Since then, the pair have released a number of sweet, warm house cuts with enough personality to stand to out from the bustling masses. This year’s lovely Through The Night for BRSTL borrowed some of Huxley’s crunch’n’swing, and the Astro Girl EP nodded towards boogie funk and muscular dub-techno. For sure, the rulebook remains throughly intact, but the pair have the requisite good taste and good impulses to sound cheery without becoming cheesy.

With an album in gestation for Idle Hands, the pair have announced a new 12″, titled ‘Sunshine Mills’/’Jaded’, and it offers some lovingly wrought house. The A-side is the keeper, setting a vintage honky-tonk over a 4/4 stomp and some chirpy ersatz vibraphone; the results have the same sort of giddy enthusiasm as Noze’s 2008 ivory-tinkler ‘Remember Love’.  The flip – a dreamy deep house cut – is pretty neat, too.

Sizeable snippets of both cuts are available to stream below. ‘Sunshine Mills’/’Jaded’ drops  on January 21 on 12″. [via Juno Plus]



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