Motorik folk Factory Floor have returned with their first new music since 2011’s strobing ‘Two Different Ways’

Heads turned earlier this year with the news that the London three-piece – who, let’s not forget, have been knocking out singles since 2008 – were gearing up to finally release their debut album through DFA. They’ve subsequently refrained from releasing any teaser material in the intervening months (although there’s been the occasional remix, a Mark Stewart collaboration and revisions from Perc and Cabaret Voltaire to contend with).

First single ‘Fall Back’ is now available to stream, and it’ll have paid-up FF fans in their element. A none-more-electroclash ostinato, some granular percussion programming and the sort of foggy, mangled vocal arrangements that made Carter Tutti Void’s Transverse so beguiling are all in the mix.

‘Fall Back’ will drop on January 14. [via The Quietus]



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