Martyn’s 3024 imprint – home to Jacques Greene and Jon Convex in 2012 – have announced their plans for January 2013.

3024 closed out the year with the mutant techno of Trevino’s Tactical Manouevre EP, and they’ll open the new one with a label sampler. Dovercourt will feature four unreleased tracks from some of the label’s lesser known affiliates, and the emphasis is firmly on skewed techno.

Sepulchral techno producer, Kevin McPhee, late of Brainmath and Idle Hands, contributes ‘Version 5’, and fellow Canadian artist Nautiluss contributes ‘Zero Gravity’. Gingy, who’s spent the last few years in productive partnership with Bordello, offers ‘Swirlie’, and Bruce Trail completes the selection with ‘Beatrice’

Dovercourt will drop on January 28. On a 3024 tip, you can listen to Trevino’s recent stormer of a FACT mix here. [via XLR8R]

1. Nautiluss – Zero Gravity
2. Kevin McPhee – Version 5
3. Gingy – Swirlie
4. Bruce Trail – Beatrice



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