Fresh details have emerged about two forthcoming releases from revered soul adventurer Shuggie Otis. 

Otis remains something of a curiosity: son of a Greek-American bandleader, he synthesised soul, jazz, psych-pop and breezy pop-rock over three highly respected LPs, before pulling out of the recording game altogether before the age of 21.As reported last year, Epic and Legacy Recordings are gearing up to re-release Otis’ third and final LP, 1974’s high watermark Inspiration Information. Enticingly, word was the release would be supplemented by a second album, Wings of Love, collecting little-heard or unreleased material recorded in the 25 years following the album’s release.

As Consequence Of Sound report, both LPs have now got a full tracklisting. Inspiration Information, it transpires, has four unheard tracks bolted on at the end. Wings Of Love, meanwhile, features almost entirely unreleased music. It’s worth stressing that the extra tracks mark Otis’ first fresh material in almost 40 years, making April 16 – such is the release date – something of a red letter day for rare groove fans.


Note: asterisks designate previously unreleased material.

Inspiration Information 
1. Inspiration Information
2. Island Letter
3. Sparkle City
4. Aht Uh Mi Hed
5. Happy House
6. Rainy Day
7. XL-30
8. Pling!
9. Not Available
10. Miss Pretty *
11. Magic *
12. Things We Like To Do *
13. Castle Top Jam *
Wings of Love 
1. Intro *
2. Special *
3. Give Me Something Good
4. Tryin’ To Get Close To You
5. Walkin’ Down The Country *
6. Doin’ What’s Right *
7. Wings Of Love *
8. Give Me A Chance *
9. Don’t You Run Away *
10. Fireball of Love *
11. Fawn *
12. If You’d Be Mine *
13. Black Belt Sheriff *
14. Destination You! *



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