Funk godfather George Clinton’s tax traumas have had some pretty serious consequences.

Three years ago, Clinton was reprimanded in court for failing to keep on top of his tax obligations, and was instructed to pay back a $1.5m debt. As of this year, Clinton has barely made a dent in the figure, only managing to scrabble together $340,000.

Complex are reporting, via TMZ, that Clinton has now had to cede the rights to four of his most cherished compositions in order to the pay back his sizeable personal debts. Law firm Hendricks & Lewis, who brought the original suit back in 2010, have been given the rights to Funkadelic’s 1978 signature track ‘One Nation Under A Groove’, plus the title track to the band’s 1976 LP Hardcore Jollies. 1979’s ‘Uncle Jam Wants You’ and 1981’s ‘The Electric Spanking of War Babies’ have also been handed over.

Under the arrangement, the rights for each track will not be returned to Clinton when his debt is repaid, and Hendricks & Lewis can sell and distribute the music as they please. Clinton – who has famously scrapped with record companies over the rights to his classic 1970s and 1980s work in the past – is currently fighting the ruling in court.



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