It’s always an unmitigated pleasure to feature Brooklyn’s Ben ‘Cozmo D’ Cenac around these parts.

Cenac’s best known for his slinky mid 1990s output as Sha-lor, and has earned his footnote in the Great History Of Dance Music for his work as part of highly influential electro outfit Newcleus. Last year, Rush Hour shone a light on his lesser-known output as Dream 2 Science, reissuing Cenac’s previously super-obscure Dream To Science EP (1990). That disc was a balmy collection of cybertronic deep house, and featured deservedly high in our list of the best reissues of 2012.

It’s a pleasure, then, to announce that even more Cenac material from the vaults is on the way. As Juno Plus report, Aussie label Thug Records are gearing up to issue four unheard Cenac tracks, all taken from the same period as Dream 2 Science. The Cozmic House EP features Cenac productions for Newcleus’ Lady E and The Cellar Boyz, better known as the original Jam-On DJs. Canac’s wife Vai Cee and Dream 2 Science collaborator Buster Fhott are also repped.

Clips of the release are available below; as you’ll hear, they’re substantially hookier than the work on the Dream 2 Science EP. FACT spoke to Cenac last year about his life and times – you can read the interview here. The Cozmic House EP is due later this month.

A1. Bodywork – Deeper And Deeper
A2. Lady E – Seems To Me
B1. G4 – Who Loves You
B2. The Cellar Boyz – Pay Me



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